Pink Diamond CHRIS WEBBER Gameplay

PD Webber

It’s finally here, you can now get Chris Webber in NBA 2K19, also review coming in a few days


How undersized does he feel this year?

You’re going for Giannis?

Not at all, he feels like an average power forward…in terms of size
Im terms of playing he is insane

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Of course, trying to get asap

Did the new jerseys put you over the top for C. Webb?


Nice! Congrats! I’m so tempted because I’m a huge C. Webb fan, but he’s always felt underwhelming in 2K to me.

A card ill never use :’(

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He is realy nice (from what i have seen), go for him, it’s worth it

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I’m only at 1290, it’d be quite a climb to 2000!

Damn that’s awesome. I swear there’s only 2008 cards available including those missing 12 uniforms. What cards are you missing so far? Also I’m mad jealous nice job!

Insane… I’m at 1400 and the climb seems impossible without spending tons of dollars & all my earned MT :expressionless:

Some of the plays he’s making in this video are bonkers. I’m glad I’m not too far away from CWebb. Probably 2 x TBT’s and a month or two of Moments.

How he plays compared with PD Griffin and Dan? Definitely will be an upgrade but not sure how much. I’m at around 1500 cards and not sure sell back to build some more MT (currently at 700k) or grinding for him. Badge and stats wise he’s only Okay to me…He should at least get some HOF passing badges IMO

I’m super jelly. I need Webber for my Sixers squad. I’m at about 1,500 cards, taking my time not trying to blow too much MT. I should have him and Wilt in a couple of months.

You could sell cards to buils mt, cause there can be a realy good power forward card coming in a couple of months. I think that if you don’t want to waste a lot of money, that is the best option

Congrats. How did you do that? Do you need all the available free agent cards to do it?

There are 2002 cards available (without 12 missing uniforms), if I counted well (including all rewards and Wilt).

So yeah, he has all FA cards for sure, plus he has Wilt as we saw before (via cheating most probably) and POTM players (that I also doubt he got alone considering I played him last year).

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Waiting for you to complete your kings team as a fan