Pink diamond AD for Allstar Kuz?

Is this a possible trade over? Davis is becoming a pointless expensive role player. I’m feeling to save a lot of mt and get Kuzma!!

Any thoughts.

I ditched AD a long time ago. He’s, as you put it, an expensive role player. I can get the same things from running Giannis at the 4 or putting in Marc Gasol at the 4 or even Kevin Love…

Save your MT and get Kuz!

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Good look! Think it’s the best move.

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I disagree.
Although he’s way overpriced, AD is the best defender, rebounder, dunker and one of the best shooters at PF position.
His only downside are bad post animations.

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I have Timmy D, Dikembe, Hakeem, C. Webb, etc. AD’s kinda redundant for me.

I also have all those cards and AD is the best PF.
Not worth the price if you’re lacking MT, but definitely the best.

Luxury card, if you will.

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AD better at dunks and shooting than Blake?

I’m sitting on 5+ mil. Still haven’t had the urge. If he dips below 400k then I might give him another run. He was close to 500k this weekend though…

For me, I use Kuz more than AD.

But if you’re gonna play him at the 4, it’s a downgrade.

Kuz is best at the 2 or 3.


Kuz is a dog, but I saw the prices this weekend and cashed out. I doubt he’ll be better than Anniversary Bird or KD or Bron.

I would never give up my AD for Kuzma

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You can trade me ad for my kuzma with a diamond shoe that give him 1 plus defense and 1 plus offense. I hate i sold my AD

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Porzingis at 4 is Great.

AD is the anchor and backbone of your squad, Kuzma the main scorer.

Depends on what you need, I use both in my starting 5.