Pink D Rose

He worth his big price tag? Besides Frazier especially for defense and value who is better for less?

No bail out really was annoying but good card. But other options out there too that can do similar things

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None of the cards are game-changing, or will be automatic additions (for those who can afford them). Fan-service, more or less, but nothing special that folks will be using a month from now.

yea soon there will be GO and 98 rated cards but some of these card value are still holding way longer than I expected

Just get Marbury for free

Rose isn’t even close to worth that price. Guys I’d take over him for half the price or less: Lillard, 97 Kyrie, Frazier, Shai, maybe even PD Westbrook and diamond Donovan Mitchell. I’m probably even forgetting someone.

Edit: I did, Ben Simmons and JR Smith too.

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Very similar options for much less.

Marcus Smart

I can’t being myself to get rid of Walt. He’s just a fun, fun card. So with him, PD Lin, and Magic, there’s just nothing I’m interested in until we start seeing opals.

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Just sold him for 317k. I’m starting MJ and have Waiters off the bench. He’ll be a beast when I get him to diamond.

MJ is short for GOAT, not AIDS. You mean Magic, not MJ

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Yes :laughing: