Pink Bron good or not?

I am talking about pink generically to include both, since they are extremely similar. I didn’t have enough MT to try him in February.

Ive heard a fair amount of criticism on the old pink LeBron.
I was thinking about getting him, looks a nice pairing with my Steph Curry.

What were his flaws? Is he a good card?

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He’s a jack of all trades, master of none type.

He can do a little bit of everything for you, but his animations hold him back from being outstanding in any particular area. Biggest flaw I notice on the PD is he gets lost on defense sometimes, maybe because his defensive consistency is only an 80. Good card for the price he will be at tho. So I’d recommend giving him a try if you’re not going to use him as your primary scorer.

Im selling him. No hof limtless. Hopefully get 100k+. Rather get AK and another base 11 player.

No, I want to use him as a playmaker to allow my Splash Bros to run marathons off the ball. And also he’ll have to play defense. I like his 85 strenght paired with 250 lbs.

Hes just like anything else. If u use him to facilitate drive n dish drive n dunk. Hes pretty good. Hof dimer n d stopper. Good choice for how cheap hell b


Very good all around player, but not great at any one aspect. His dribble moves are decent, but need to be a little quicker which always bothered me al title. He still is very usable, but at this point there are quite a few much better options.

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Sounds like a baylor card

Who would you rather have on the cheap? I only own 160K…!

Not a bad comparison, but Lebron is much bigger and just feels a lot bigger. His extra size really gives him the extra versatility that Baylor doesn’t have.

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What’s your lineup

It’s looking like this:

I’d like to replace Jokic with a more athletic C, either AD or KG. I was thinking about that:

How much is the PD going for?

LeBron? A couple hours ago I have been told the pink Anni was around 85K naked.
Let’s wait for US guys to crack packs…!

Yeah I’d get lebron for sure. He has the best post fade animation in the game and adds some much needed offensive variety to your starting lineup. He’s the perfect Swiss Army knife. I’d also look into PD Hakeem if I were you. He’s a ridiculously good low post presence. I have opal Kareem and Yao, but honestly enjoy using Hakeem over both of them. His animations are just so smooth. And he still has 80 speed (can be boosted with shoe) and 80 vertical, so not too bad in the athleticism department. One thing to note about AD if you do decide to get him, is he is short for a center nowadays. He’ll be going up against porzingis, Yao, and Kareem. His defensive tendencies are worse than hakeems also. And his shot is pretty slow, whereas Hakeem has a nice smooth release.

Thanks a lot for your detailed help!!

I have the 12-0 Hakeem, but I don’t like him this much, I replace him back in February… He was extremely slow and eaten by Wilt every time. Is the new one that much better?

Maybe I can look into Ayton instead? Just didn’t consider him much because he’s a Mr. Nobody irl haha!

The new Hakeem has around 200 more attribute points than the old reward Hakeem. Along with some much needed HOF badges like hustle rebounder. The difference in athleticism is definitely noticeable. He’s no gazelle like wilt or Kareem, but he’s no longer a turnstile on defense and is fast enough to keep up in transition for the most part. The only major advantage AD has over Hakeem imo is speed with ball. AD has solid enough speed with ball to attack on close outs, whereas Hakeem can’t really do that.

I have both, and personally prefer Hakeem.

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what should his price settle at by the end of the day?

Im usually all over these sig Pink Diamonds but this looks like the weakest one compared to Jordan and Kobe.

I have to get the Opal. Attribute wise its damn near perfect.

Should I add GO Lebron to this squad? I have 400k.

why are you not interested in the pd?