Pink Adidas?

I’m very confused on what this shoe look like. Everyone on here always talks about it but I can’t find it. What are the boosts?

It’s white with pink stripes. Not sure of the boosts though.

So the cheap superstars?

I think so

Adidas Superstar (Pink)

+5 Pass Vision

+5 Post Fadeaway

+5 Contested Shot Mid

+5 Speed with Ball

+5 Steal

good shoe for kirilenko


The black ones are cheaper they are like 7k, the pink ones are around 10k, I just put a pair of the pink ones on Penny Hardaway

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good shoe for any 1-4 that has a 3 point shot already

whats a good shoe for gary payton?

Pink adidias

whats his takeover with them do you know i have dantoni

Slash shot

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hes really good in all areas im not sure bro

thanks man im pick them up

yea slash shot is great for him remember shot creator takeover is like slasher and post put together

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good shit my dude i just sniped gp for a 100k played two games with him and i like him alot