Pink AD or pink Kat at center?

Here’s my lineup.

Who should I get to start at center based off my current lineup?


You should move Lebron to PF.

And put who at sf?


Hm idk about that lol

Lebron has a higher strength rating. Nobody plays low post O in this game, so I wouldn’t worry about his low post d.

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You need more shooting in the starting five. Only shooter I would be scared of is TMac, having all three of Simmons, Lebron and Giannis at the floor means a packed paint.

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Boogie and Giannis both have kyries and idk how lebron isn’t a shooter lol

Both also have gold limitless

Statwise they might be good, but there still imo is a difference in shooting between cards that are average boosted shooters and awesome shooters from lower cards.

I just say, I wouldn’t be scared of that lineup, no matter what. Only TMac would have tight coverage.


Bump I’m still really unsure on who to get, kat provides slightly better shooting while I feel like ad is the better all around player who can also speed boost

I think AD is better but KAT is 7’ so I’d prob use him

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PD AD is your guy if you know how to dribble

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Is the PD cold for iso types? I might have to…

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You wouldn’t be scared of a Giannis with a 97 open shot 3, 95 contested, 93 off-dribble, all Gold shooting badges, + HoF Dimer boost from PD Simmons? When hot (VERY easy for PD Giannis), that becomes a 99 open shot 3, 99 contested, and 98 off-dribble.

PD LBJ with red Kyries has 99 on all three point stats (with HoF Limitless, DRD, & Difficult Shots; with Gold C&S and Corner Specialist).

Lulz, any player with anything higher than 85 open shot 3 (& Gold C&S) can usually shoot 55%+ from 3 (at least off the pass), even in SM.

IDK, but I feel like just because a player is missing a few HoF shooting badges (but still has all of the gold), doesn’t neccesarily warrant defending them as if they can’t shoot (ESPECIALLY with SM/all-star difficulty). To each their own I suppose.

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Not at all. I always sag off from pink diamond Giannis and I’ve always been rewarded so far. Tendencies matter a lot, not just ratings.
With the insane amount of knock down shooters that are in the game one cannot afford to stay close to Giannis as well: if you beat me with Antetokounmpo’s 3s, well nice. Will happen like 1 game out of 20.

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I wouldnt be.

I agree with Fra on this. Based on my experience playing with or against certain cards, I basically divide them into two categories:

  • PG, Steph, KD, Klay, TMac, Bird, Allen, Harden, Kawhi, Kobe etc. - I am playing them tight, because I consider them very good knock-down shooters even when heavily contested.
  • Lebron, Giannis, Jimmy Buckets, RW, Wall, Penny, Simmons etc. - I am not playing them tight as from my experience even later contest can often get them off their rhytm and they miss.

My experience is to not let amethyst cards shoot contested or uncontested. They’re all knockdown shooters. Also, whiteside is knockdown as well.

I’d get rid of diamond AD off the bench, move LBJ to bench 4 and grab a shooter to replace him in starting lineup. Even someone like Klay at the 3 would be great.