Pierce v PG13 v Kawhi

At the moment, I run AS Lebron as my back-up SF, which I feel is a bit of a waste since he rarely plays any minutes due to the awesomeness of Bird. He also plays a very basic role, only scoring off of occasional fast-breaks or spot-ups.

So, out of these three players mentioned in the title (all amys, of course) which one is the most bang-for-your-buck?

I know @Ddrop is a big amy Kawhi fan, and I’ve been considering picking him up (hopefully with a diamond shoe) or PG13 or Pierce w/ a swb shoe (the orange and grey kobes). So, if anyone has any of those players with said shoe that would like to sell, hit me up!

As many times before, any input would be appreciated!

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Amy Worthy would fit the role you’re describing perfectly

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Would a Worthy w/ those white kobes be a good buy? It boosts open 3, swb, off dribble mid and a few other things.

Swb and ball control are more important. His 3ball pretty consistent without a shoe

I will surprise and say diamond Kawhi :joy: aka Claw 2.1. That empty spot belongs to a 3&D player. Also consider Finley with a defensive shoe which is probably cheapest of all.

Kawhi’s defense would be a great addition to that bench imo.
I still using him as a startet, next to Kobe & KD.
He does everything what I need, lockdown D and splash 3s if he is open.

He definitely is up there and defense, and with a shoe that boosts either his 3 or his D would be great, also a ball-control shoe would be nice.

I think I’m leaning more towards Kawhi because of badges, animations, and those sweet corn-rows.

pierce has a slow shot, pg13 needs a speed shoe, so if I needed to choose one of the 3 then I’d go Kawhi, but Dr J should be considered too.

I totally forgot about him, but I’ve never been a huge fan of Dr. J in 2K games. I even tried out Gervin and didn’t notice a huge difference between the DI and the A.

I’ll for sure look into Dr. J tho.

I just got him with a dunk shoe for same price as he’s going for, he is great on the fast breaks and dunking, I always find with him tho even with a 3 point shoe, he shoots inconsistant from 3 and he gets open a lot so u might take a few open shots that miss. But maybe I’m just not use to his shot

Forget J, Kawhi or Gervin are your best options.
Dunno Elgin’s prices nowadays but if he is around 70k and you have that mt, don’t hesitate.

I just bought Kawhi and he was suprisingly the best offensive card i’ve used. His jumper is insane compared to his amy. I’ve yet to use Tmac though.

Well, TMac won’t have Kawhi’s defense, almost everything is 99! I would pick him up if I had the MT.

I tried Gervin, he wasn’t as great as I thought he would be. I used to wreck w/ the amy, but there wasn’t that much of a difference besides the defensive boost. However, the duo with Artis may sway my opinion if I can sell 97 Bron for a good price, hopefully more than 120k.

Another card I’ve been eyeing is Rashard Lewis, but only if I can get him w/ a defensive shoe.

Kukoc is better than R.Lewis.