Pierce is... Not home :(

Lost my 3rd game in GO tier, my players drop down on corners, nothing I could do. Dude just zigzagged and drawn my extra defenders no settings helped.

Man I was in the GO tier for like 3 rounds then got demoted. You’ll get him man. Best of luck

I lost too, played a guy who just sets some 5out freelance, zigzaged around half court till my corner defenders sag off than splashed everything. With icon switchin I did shut it down but it was too late /and really frustrating to just trying to stop 0-24 exploiting/, lost by 4pts at the end.
If this is the way/meta I dont care about unlimited for sure :laughing:

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What overalls is everyone using ? What a pain getting that vCard

I just use my normal team, around 86-88ovr. For me lowering overall is just not fun, I want to use my best players all the time.
I noticed after I added Ginobili, I got way better teams.

If it makes anyone feel better I had a 85 overall team and played justisaaac (He can beat tydebo) who had a much better team at 89. Got killed lol.

I agree but this year getting demoted is a huge pain lol…I can only use my best team after I get the card. I wish there was a another fun mode …

I dont mind everything there, but the fact that you CANT reset your record and have to play rest of the games is crazy.


I just do the unlimited challenges after the loss.

I like my record to stay good, +I don’t care for Curry :joy:

Anyone got any ideas how to slow down 5 out or rim running? I struggle to consistently stop either

I wanted to let somebody shoot the threes with silver Herro against me, than he flash paused after the 1st green… so it was game over for him, after 5 mins he just quit :rofl:


What team and plays did you used ?

If he only shoot c&s threes, zone is perfect.
I played so many teams with great shooters, but they just going for the rim 0-24… against zone they are clueless.

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I got to the opal tier so easily and then lost to mosballin at 5-0, got kicked back down to PD and barely got to 8 wins last night, now I gotta grind it again to get back lol, it’s crazy cause I don’t even want Paul ugly ass, I just want to say I got the reward


Whenever I match with a Youtuber/Stream that’s a sweat, I just close app at the lineup screen.

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Lol fuck all that, I’m coming at their neck, according to him, I gave him a run for his money tho

I like the competition, only thing I don’t like are goat cards, especially when u can make a whole team of them, they completely take strategy out the game and just make it stick skills, I have elite basketball IQ, but above average stick skills, not elite


I’m going on my run now I’m in the amethyst board

Pg rose
Sg Trae young
Sf anyone sapphire or below
Pf Griffin
C John Collins.

Thank me later. :joy::joy:


. Got him and my limited ring within 5 games yesterday . Went on a 24 game win streak. Loss game one of Pd tier .

Last year was more sweaty .