Pierce card is huge L

Can’t ball handle
Steps on 3 point line
Takes ages to shoot
Step back is buns

Really a cone in 5 out (and won’t be a huge asset on corner 3s). Only good upside is defense otherwise it’s really hard to like this card.


Usual free reward menu.


Well we had Rice last year, so there’s that.

Yea you can’t shoot corner 3s at all with Pierce mad annoying and he gets rip easily because of no ball handles.

Yeah that was the dessert after the menu :cold_face:

Also shits himself in the middle of games


Hof dropper


He plays very very good to me though


I think he was more so aimed to be OP in the first few weeks of the game, which he was. But as time goes by a lot of these day 1 cards lose there value.

For the first few weeks he was the only wing player you could get that had clamps and range

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by the time people get curry and ralph sampson they won’t be very useful either lol.

Curry will be just cause he seems to be the dribble sig man this year compared to d wade last year.

I stopped going for Curry for same reason. I agree that he was only good for few weeks, but kinda wish he was better in general and for longer. It’s not that there are better cards, but the card for me is just really not good.

Good that you stopped a Pd baron davis will be dropped right after

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and Magic with Tmac so there wont be space to hide Curry :rofl:

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Pierce can get corner 3’s, just not consistently. He has to be deep in the corner and shooting off the catch. He carried me through a lot of TTO with Cousy so i can’t be mad at the card. He doesn’t miss a lot of shots.

Pierce has be great for me. But he is not the focus of my offensive Jo Jo White is. He has been really fun in TTonline lately too. But also the foot on 3 line is annoying lol

I’m actually liking Pierce more and more. Use him as my 4 and pick and pop with him all day which avoids the stepping over the line issue. Mid range game is nasty as well if you’re using stick and take moving shots (step back jumper is money for me). Lastly he has the defensive stats to guard both outside/inside 4s.

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Yah I actually thinking to put him at 4 and pair him with Mutombo.

He gets a lot of random steals and shoots fairly well in TTO. Better than Bird lately. I sold my Bird he is a more a definition of a cone lol.

So not worth going for? Currently 2-2 in opal league, taking a break for a bit bc gave myself a headache yelling at this awesome video game :slight_smile:

My plan was to get him then run TTO with Pierce, Mikan and a ball handler and sell my team and cash out till next season.

Nah he deffo nice for TTO, not as much for unlimited unless you can get away playing him at the 4.

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