Picked up this AMY Ben Simmons

Unless this man does something heroic in the playoffs this Amy might be the best we get. Last year I don’t recall getting a ROY card and I don’t know how much more you can boost up his stats, other than his defense. I couldn’t hold off anymore and bought one for 75k. Threw 4-5 gold badges on him including ankle breaker, mid range deadeye, and I don’t regret it one bit. This man running your offense is difficult to card because of his Mid range and moving mid range. It forces the defender to step up. I definitely recommend this card for people that doesn’t need a PG that pulls up from deep in a Set offense .

I would say there will be a Diamond Simmons still coming. He could get another big triple double in the playoffs. I haven’t spend MT on any Simmons cards yet cos i’ve been waiting for the Diamond.

I don’t think it will be no higher than a 96 if they come out with one. And the only thing better will probably be his defense and maybe a 2-3 more badges.

Doesn’t each team that gets eliminated from the playoffs get a diamond player after each round? Either then or when Ben wins ROTY he’ll get a diamond for sure.

Think a Diamond Simmons is a safe bet. Whether for Playoffs or RotY. Nobody cared about Malcolm Brogdon but Simmons is a star. 2K will want to capitalize.

Is this on PS4?

If so then i think 75k is a very good price for him as i havent even seen one bin yet. Sure, he’ll get cheaper when the promo drops, and there’s always risk of a higher tier, but i reckon if you want the card and plan on using it, you should go for it at a price your comfortable with and worry about upgrading later if needed.

Based on prices of a lot of the diamonds etc when they drop, a diamond version will cost a ridic amount of mt and it may not be an immediately attainable card at first, so at least you’d have the amy while you save.grind.snipe.repeat

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I got one the other day completely badged out with a diamond contracts and diamond shoe that boosts his lateral quickness and shot contest to 99. It turns him into a 96 and absolutely love the card. I’m running him over magic now with my starters. The defense at that hight and with 85 strength is incredible .

I hope he’ll never get a diamond because he’ll be very annoying to face at the 1

I picked one up Friday threw a diamond shoe on him… Used him for a few hours

Then sold him Friday night for 265550, best flip I’ve ever had

I faced him today for the first time. Couldn’t get past diamond Magic and my opponent quit. I’m angry because I have literally 0 MT left and can’t even play another game.

Do schedule challenges for contacts

Thanks, but I’ve already done them all. I had to buy VC.

Hah, was this on PS4? I bid on one Friday and got out bid at like 250000, so I think it must have been yours if PS4. I got him the next day with same badges and same shoe for 175

Must’ve been mine he had the yellow Kobe

I about crap myself when i checked the price lol

That’s insane lol. He’s a low key diamond for sure. I have PD Harden running my first team and Simmons running my second team. And honestly I’m having more fun running the offense through Simmons. I had to badge him out but for 75k i couldn’t hold back. Everything else was 95k and up

Simmons is all but guaranteed to be getting a diamond.

My money is on a playoff diamond moments and a PD for rookie of the year.