Pick up purple kyries for incoming Yao

Get these shoes bois, profits on the way.

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20 Kyries Ready :innocent:


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Lmao :rofl:

how much could it raise to?

They went for 20k+ when anni Shaq came out

I could see them going 30k+ ez.

If many of us pick up them there will not be profit. I wonder what % of 2k players are on this site and what % of players knows there will be new content from twitter etc

There arent that many purple kyries on the market compared how many people will want to use it on Yao.

i believe you, just snagged one for 10k and the cheapest on ps4 is already 20k

Alternatively I’d pick up blue KD if I was on. Speed & contested 3 is nice since his free throw will be 90+. His LQ will be in the dirt anyway.

They’re too ugly.

when should i plan on selling them? i could prob get 20k if i sell now

Once people can get their hands on Yao’s from AH so in like 3+ hours ?

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KP needs 'em too

Yup, which makes them even more desired.

Yea… I’m at work

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Clown puke kyries for all!

Here We Go Haha