Pick 2 out of these 4 players

Which 2 of these players should I get for the small forward position?
Pd pippen
Pd paul george
Pd dominique wilkins
Pd larry bird
My sf position is an open spot and scottie so do I need to replace scottie with one of these players? Who should i get to fill my open spot?

Bird is a Must



I’d also wait till tmw to see more options and look for discount of current onez

@tc17 ok so I should keep scottie and fill the empty spot with larry

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@LuckyKid and should I keep scottie or replace him?

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Keep Larry and Scottie. Sell the others on sunday or weekdays.

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Diamond Kwahi

I have them all, Scottie and Bird are cops over any of those other options


Scottie the only card over 100k+ that im okay with using as a glue guy. Hardly go to him but when I do he is always a bucket when open or on the fast break

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Pippen is up here twice. Nique and Pippen

Bird & Dominique. The others get roasted on defense…yes, even Pippen…too weak.

Bird & Kawhi

Pip & bird

Pippin and Bird and it’s not close. And it’s more like bird… Pippin

@nba2kpdx @Papi07 @KingJake @LuckyKid @tc17 if bird is too expensive for me who should be my backup plan? Dominique or pd paul george?

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Dark knight PG :+1: