Phil Jackson Coach Reward

Just finished evolving all my 5 starters and I finally got Phil Jackson coach card. Is he even a good coach card?

I’m kinda dissapointed its only emerald for all the time I had to invest to evolve all 5 cards but I love Phil and MJ so I had to get him. They could have at least give ruby if not diamond to arguably the best coach of all time though. 🤦


No argument here lol

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Weird he’s only an emerald, should be able to evo him.


Exactly my thoughts…you should be able to evolve him to ruby at least by completing some challenges, same as starters. These 2k rewards are soo shit.

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they might not drop DM coaches this time

Where in the agenda is this completion award

It’s in the collection, you have to lock in the starters to get Phil

Sorry for being slow but what collection ?

Where are the starters

Oh crap nvm I found it so cool!

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Emerald coach :joy:

Just sums up how pathetic rewards 2k give us. Completing all 5 starters should definitely give us a better reward. Phil should be a fucking diamond coach, IDK why do these bastards have to be so damn greedy. Making the GOAT of coaches a fucking emerald :rofl:


I honestly thought he was a pd coach, d at least.

Prolly you’ll have a chance to use him on very high xp challenges later in the cycle. Like 5k xp+

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I’m using him right now, simply because I love Phil and I don’t honestly have anyone better.

Diamond coaches are pretty expensive anyway right? Do you think it’s worth to buy one right now? They will probably become even more expensive later in the cycle or what? :thinking:

Evolving 5 players is pretty easy if you play the game regularly. Giving you a diamond Phil for it would probably be overdoing it. Everyone would have diamond Phil week 1 and nobody would buy coaches.

So its better to have a useless emerald coach? He should be at least able to evolve from emerald to ruby, same as these starter players.

And you’re overestimating the amount of try harders in these game. Most people play the game casualy and probably just evolve 1-2 starter players and then focus on other things in the game. I mean let’s be real. Most of these starter players have been outdated after a few days so they should at least give you some motivation to upgrade these cards, its not like they are really good IG.

Strange, but Bio2k is quite big on him. Makes sense after watching the video.

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Well that’s great then, at least it wasnt all for nothing

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they definitely going to sell diamond phil then pd phil then go phil then dm phil