PG13 v. Paul Pierce

Any thoughts on this? I’ve loved PG13 all year, but any improvements at this point in the season are welcomed. In particular, the gap in salary makes Pierce attractive. Anyone have opinions either way?


I have both and I like Paul George more than pierce. George is a better dunker and has a better release. Also both have elite defense but George is 6’9 so he plays better than pierce. I still start my george even though he should be outdated. Also, after they updated him he has been playing better for me. I was never a believer in wild card being a problem and still not, but he has gotten better after they removed it.

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I wouldn’t call that pg outdated at all card is great

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George. Height. Length. Speed.

I got PG13 amy, and he’s a beast for me… I can just imagine the Diamond… He can get his own shot, dunk over anyone… And this is his Amy I’m talking about