PG13 and Granger?

Anyone played with both? How is PG’s shooting in comparison to Granny? They would play at 2 from the bench:

Edit: I was also thinking about running Kidd/Arenas as PGs and Magic as 11-13th man, kind of does not cut it for me lately.

I use PG13 at the 3 and Granger at the 2.

Pg13 is great for dunking steals and wetting open limitless or corner threes. Slower release but auto green.

Granger is a glitch where you just take a million transition threes and crazy runners. Lightning fast release.

They are a tad different.

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Yeah, I have Granny Danger since he was released, but I was thinking about the change lately.

Use both. Sell scottie.

Scottie is amazing but I feel like pg13 does everything the same with an easier release and better animations.

Pg feels way taller.

They both will shoot at a high clip but I found granger to be more bi polar for me with open shots . Ended up selling Granny

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Once you master base 11 you can green if you’re slightly open because the release so fast.

How do you not start Limited Areneas? The card is the best scorer in the game.

Too fast release for me and I like JKidd and Magic irl more. Thinking about putting him at the bench and start JKidd though.

Yeah I agree use both and sell Scottie

So Scottie isnt the man this year? I played only 3 games with him as I was away for 3 weeks.

Scotties great I just think this pg13 feels better…

I think either of them work well with granger because granger is more of a shot creator while PG13/scottie can spot up and play defense.