PG on the auction block

Its sad to see him go but I need the MT to try out new players. PG13 on the auction block with a little less than 2 hours to go on PS4. Badged out, diamond contract, diamond shoe (the recommended shoe for PG13). Grab him if you can. Absolute beast all around and probably one of the best cards in the game and you don’t need to change a thing. Just plug and play.

7 mins left and I think he’s glitched. Still super cheap. Rather have one of you guys take him from me than a random.

What did he go for?

I’m holding one and no MT, so also curious.

580k about

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Damn, 380 for mine :frowning:

What system are you?

Hes PC, click his name.

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This belongs in classifieds

I mean it’s only getting attention after the fact lol. But I think this could be in either.