PFs w/Diamond Shoes (PS4)

Anyone have interest in the following?

  • Amethyst Dirk w/LATQUICK shoe
  • Diamond Marcus Morris w/accel Currys
  • Amethyst Porzingis w/rebounding shoe, plus gold Def Stopper, Charge Card, Pick Dodger, Pick Pocket, and One Man Fast Break
  • Diamond Kevin McHale w/inf. contract, LATQUICK shoe (99 LQ, Pass Perception, Steal, Hands, Reaction Time)

Not really sure which (if any) I want to keep at this point. McHale is my favorite of the bunch so far, but I’m just using him as a glue guy off the bench…

The Morris is already up (1-2 hours remaining) for, I think, a 30K bid. EDIT: sold for 29.5 on re-post

Dirk (15K bid, last I checked), Porzingis (35K), and McHale (44K) all ending soon.