Pettit takover thread

Added Orange C3Ps, will report back


Post a vid of his release and dribble package =D

It’s going to be glass and whatever you shoe or coach boost to 99, so I would imagine sharp with CP3s.

Orange CP3s + D’antoni = sharp/glass


Pettit is the size of Kobe in game

Can u tell me what he get with cp3s and a defense coach plsss

With Pop Rim Protector/Glass Cleaner

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I’d actually be amazed if you can get rid of glass takeover.

Try moving mid shoe, will maybe work for sc/sharp.

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Say what!?

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I wonder if its possible to get sharp / anything with Pop

I just watched with Kobe in TTO, he is basically Kobe’s size. He is a 2.

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That changes everything. I may still go with Worthy then.

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He’s basically a juiced up Klay, will be best spot up shooter.

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Damn whaaaaaaaat… small model ooof

And I’m back to Frazier or Worthy

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I don’t need that with my lineup. Worthy may still be the move. :thinking:

Hey @daruler022 you get Worthy I’ll get Walt lol

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The way I play I can use a little guard as long as he’s elite on defense and has Hof dimer

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Man…you’re really gonna be small if I put GO Giannis, GO Worthy, GO Blake, GO Malone, and GO Wilt out there together. :rofl::rofl:

Oooohhhhh…I can use GO CP3 when I play against you!! Hell yeah!