Pettit question

Does he and the other evo cards go to opal?


How is him?


Is dirk better?

Dirk release is shit


He has ugliest running btb I’ve ever seen :joy:

He’s always had the musty BTB since last year lol

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Very much a subjective thing, but Pettit has in my opinion the smoothest, easiest to green release of any PF I’ve used this year. Other than that, he’s not great. If you have Giannis and Blake, you’ll be hard pressed to find space for him in your rotation, but he can be an end of the bench guy that will absolutely drill threes when you need them.
Edit: corner threes I mean - because he doesn’t have limitless :frowning:

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Imo Pettit is a no go, blake and Giannis both better, Tim Duncan is better,
He doesn’t have the ball control to really get the most out of him, that’s what holds him back

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@OzzyMamba sounds like he’d be a bit disappointing to me

How are his dunk animations?

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It’s sounding like it man. Such a shame as he looks like a beast on paper :pensive:

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