Petition to delete Diamond Ben Simmons from the game

I don’t want to play this card anymore in TTO


Diamond? What about opal lol?!


Just sag off of him. Can’t shoot consistently.

That full speed cross over between the legs dribble is getting to u huh, trust, I get hit with it all the time when I play that card


Had a dude hit 4 in a row with him last night :man_facepalming:t3: I know buddy had to be hype

Probably stupid EQ on TTO. If you on the diamond board Jonathan or PD Giannis usually do a good job of clamping him up.

Lol yeah it was TTO. I swear he seems quicker than my Opal Simmons whenever I play him. That’s the only time he ever made any impact though lol

Diamond is better than the Opal in tto

If you’re losing to diamond Simmons then you should delete your game instead


I swear that Diamond Ben greens more corner 3s against me than anyone else.