Personality Badge Effects

Does anyone know what the actual effects are of personality badges? Almost everything online just leads you to the requirements to earn these badges in My Player, which I don’t care about. And I haven’t seen any testing from places like @NBA2KLab on these badges.

In past years, I remember people saying things like “Floor General” and “Defensive Anchor” boosts some attributes of teammates on the floor. What about Enforcer? Spark Plug? Alpha Dog etc…

Thanks to anyone who has insight here…it’s bugged me for years.

So floor general gives makes it so if your getting doubled the players who are doubling you will have red rings around them so u can see the double coming. I know that

Nah. That’s Championship DNA


Pretty sure floor general boosts offensive stats for your teammates, you’re talking about championship dna.

I think i remember reading that D Anchor gives all your teammates a boost on D when that player is on the floor…

Ur right lol. Whoops haha

I would really find it more interesting if these badges did in fact mean something. And if they did mean something, make these badges a tad rarer, possibly favoring all time greats with more of them.

I have ZERO proof of this, but it does seem like having 5 guys with defensive anchor on the floor results in incredible team defense where guys aren’t just leaving shooters for no reason. Probably just in my head.

I know last year the combo of Spark Plug and Microwave was a real boost for most of the year.
I also agree with above posts that ChampDNA helps you see the double teams coming.

If anybody has any more strong opinions on how they think these benefit I’d love to read them.

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good question. I remember a long time ago, maybe 2k12 or something, floor general boosted all offensive stats to teammates by 5. 2k made this known. I doubt it’s changed. defensive anchor is same thing but for defense. I doubt it’s changed.

championship dna is the double teams as people have mentioned.

clutch performer is easy, boosted offensive stats during clutch moments ( last 2 mins of 4th quarter or overtime)

microwave I’m unsure about. the obvious answer is faster takeover, but I have players with sharpshooter takeover that activate takeover with 3 3pters made. and other plays with microwave still need this requirement for sharp takeover.

alpha dog I believe gets boost +5 all stats when another player on your team is cold.

hardened I’m guessing is a similar thing to tireless scorer? but again, I don’t really notice a difference between players that have it or don’t have it.

laid back I believe makes the player not go cold as easily.

no idea about the work ethic badges or all-time great.


budget teams can keep up with god squads until about the fourth quarter, that’s where I think clutch performer comes in. I’ve been on both sides of this. When I was using my best players who were Ruby’s I couldn’t hit shit in the fourth. Then ak47 and granger would just make in rain non stop in the fourth.

Thanks for this. This is almost the exact list I have in my head that I “know” already!! But even those outside of Championship DNA require some assumptions (i.e. that floor general / anchor hasn’t changed in 5+ years). I just don’t understand why badge effects are so top secret at 2k.

Some others that it would be nice to guess about is:
Wildcard: I assume reduces offensive consistency
Enforcer: maybe gets you better contact animations? i.e. similar to a strength boost?
I think work ethic badges might impact in-season and multi-season progressions in My League / My GM.
I think the true “personality” badges only matter in My GM and maybe My League. For ex “keep it real” let’s you yell at a player in My GM to motivate them so their morale doesn’t drop. Whereas a “laid back” player won’t complain as much about playing time or organizational role.

the common thinking from years ago was that you don’t benefit beyond 2 floor generals or D anchors on the floor at a time. because 1 floor general boosts the other 4 players, and then the 2nd floor general boosts the 1st floor general. And the boosts don’t stack.


I know Wildcard was a big deal last year. One of the most coveted promo rewards was the Paul George card last year. But I recall reading lots of people being scared off from that badge.

It could result in games where the player completely lays an egg. No idea how factual that still is.

Certain badges only matter in simulation modes.

Microwave: Gets hot quicker, doesn’t have to match archetype.
Clutch Performer: Boost stats in clutch moments
Defensive Anchor: Boosts defensive stats of teammates
Enforcer: Basically bruiser
Floor General: Boosts offensive stats of teammates
Legendary and High Work Ethic: 80% sure this makes stamina run out more slowly/tireless scorer
Wildcard: we all know what this one is

Spark plug sounds too nasty sometimes.

Hardened: You don’t really need to worry about Gatorade symbol.

KD has funny ones.

Keep it real
Unpredictable (wildcard ?)
No “Pat my back” unfortunately lol.

Pat my back crew:

Some of the badges like those I dont think matter outside of certain modes. Like pat my back im pretty sure determines how he responds to your dialogue with him in MyGM or something.

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Basically you want every badge except wildcard

Guys who don’t run pg’s are probably missing out on that floor general badge.

Unless you have cards like Bird, Giannis, Lebron, PG13, Tmac…most other SGs/SFs dont have it.

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For reference, here’s all non-PG with the Floor General badge:

AK of course on here. Still the GOAT.