Personal choice between wilt and worthy

I got 400 tokens, 8 heat checks to do and 27 all time games left, so since worthy came out ive been sitting here really overthinking which way to go with it.
I feel like worthy for me right now is the right choice, as much as id love wilt i sold danny granger and miss him alot, and as far as bigs go i have mutumbo timmy blake and locking in those sets ill get webber.
Any opinions on if this is the right choice

If you liked grangers release, I’d say worthy is a pretty safe option.

Worthy if you shoot a lot of 3s, and take full advantage of base 11 releases. If Granger was a focal point for you, then Worthy.

Wilt if you don’t take a ton of 3s. Def Wilt if you post up a lot.

I post up like every play, so I’m probably going with Wilt. I don’t score enough with Hedo/Ak to justify getting worthy. I just don’t take that many 3s. I just pound the paint.

there is no debate here, go worthy. i dont give a fuck about who is ur center or what you will pick another center and get this god.

wilt is great, worthy is the best player in the game simple.

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I run too many three point plays, which is why ive been stsrting to move more towards worthy,

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Wilt >>>

In a vacuum I think Wilt is better. But with the cards available, and the current meta game, I think it’s pretty even.

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The only Worthy card I’ve ever used was an amethyst last year. I sold him after one game. Get Wilt and dominate.

Haven’t used Worthy, but Wilt is on another level from every other big man.

Also tho, after seeing ththe version of ad they released i think pd shaq is going to be right there with wilt

They gave worthy godly animations for his GO though.

I have zero interest in him, but I can’t deny his strength in the meta, with his HOF badges and base 11 type release.

Depends on playstyle. He’ll have no 3ball. Maybe they give him a middy. If he gets 90+ speed though, I agree, it’s a wrap.

I dont shoot with my centers and if i do its one or two a game with timmy

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I would say Wilt. Worthy doesn’t really have Galaxy Opal attributes, and if you like his jumper, there will definitely be better shooters to come with base 11. Wilt is just next level compared to every other center.

I don’t either. But I do enjoy having the spacing. But when a non-shooting center is also the offensive focal point, I agree it doesn’t matter.

I can’t wait to work the block with an OP shaq card.

This screams Wilt. And he can hit middys and even threes if you got a coach/shoe

Its the danny granger effect that has me interested, when i had granger at anyime he could take over a game completely, and ifeel like worthy is granger with badges, but i dint wanna miss out on wilt lol the struggle

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I dunno. When do you think we’ll next get a card with base 11, HOF sharp badges, HOF difficult shots, and HOF def stopper?

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I’m eyeing Worthy all the way. In fact, didn’t even bother trying to collect tokens until GO Worthy was added. I play more of a perimeter game and use my bigs mainly for defense and boards. I wish I was better at posting up, but beyond simple drop steps and fades with centers with good animations, I actually post more with guards and forward like Melo or Oscar or Kobe, taking advantage of mismatches and post fading with them.

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