Personal best card grading

Best I’ve had so far with more than 1 card graded. Not a 10 but usually end up with 7’s.

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funny enough that I graded base set s1 D Giannis to 10 - as advertised on grade welcome screen :slight_smile:
another 10 was Jaylen Brown
but yes - most grades are usually 7.

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I find 2k kinda missed the mark this year with the grading system and holos being seperate , if they upgraded any card to Hilo if it rated 10, alot more ppl would use the grading system, as it stands it’s kinda useless

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Yea I only personally grade cards when I have to for xp. If I have a card that I might sell I don’t grade it. If I am more likely to pull a 7 than a 9 I feel like chances are I am only hurting my auction profit.

At the very least 2k should allow you to remove the grade from a card for free if someone doesn’t want a 7 on their card.


I graded sapphire lavine(nba series) to 10 - large bonus(he is my ttoff mvp). It gives 3% mt bonus, which is usually 6-7 mt per game, so it will take 300 ttoff games to give back mt which is paid for grading. Grading is uselles. Not good for golds for filling lineups, because contract for them cost more than grading bonuses. You cant grade rewards like melo who you play most games with. You cant hurt value of auctionable cards if grade is low, and you are selling them soon anyway. Maybe only if you grade auctionable card and than play hundreds of games with it ttonline. And grading of cards hurts card art. They shuld make grade like small number somewhere in bottom corner, not big like that.


I refuse to buy graded carts becouse of how bad card art is.


Me too, it totally takes away from the cards. I refuse to grade a card unless it’s a gold card and only for xp.


They thought of a cool idea - graded cards. But they decided it shouldn’t reward anybody and it’s completely random. They want to do cool things but they’re so afraid that it’ll somehow start making people who don’t pay for stuff too rich. So they just negated any chance of it becoming MT/VC farming right from the start.

i threw up my diamond drose with 2 extra hof badges (ankle breaker and space creator) w/ diamond contract+shoe for. High Key the insane dribble moves and monstourous speed. Runs past Gary Payton everytime. Its also badged out with a bunch of gold badges.
94,950 mt