Permanent Ban/ No Warning 💔


Just got off the 2K Chat support. Permanent ban, no warning for visiting Veronica too much essentially. I asked the guy if I could get a 2 week suspension, he said no. Apparently, I have been a very bad boy. What can ya do?

It’s been fun boys, thanks for the memories. I plan to retire from 2K at this point. Thinking about getting back into FPS games, or perhaps Moto GP 19; I think this might actually help my motorcycle riding in real life if I can learn where the revs and gears ought to be on the turns at the race track. I figure I can use this as a sim to get faster. Oh and when VR comes out, motorcycle games will finally be almost as fun s the real thing, but infinitely safer (and less expensive lol).

You guys are an awesome community, and I will miss my PD Giannis and PD PG-13 … RIP, Legion of Doom NBA 2K19 MyTeam :cry:



Fs in the chat boiisss



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Damn hitting people with permanents without a warning… glad the company wants to do this when the game is almost dead… I see it as a way to make them wanna play more, make a new account… spend money… buy 2k20… but have a good time riding that bike and playing other games lol


Go enjoy spring/summer. Never look back.

A lot of these bans will get reduced when 2K looks at the metrics and realizes that half of the remaining player base is gone.


Ggwp bro :pensive:

One down from Our Army of Brown Shirts :pensive:

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MLB the show yes?

I don’t know how to post gifs so here’s this :sob:. We’ll miss you




The Brown-Shirted Glitcher is now critically endangered

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Waiting for my verdict…


I won’t look back; but I also do not see them reducing the ban. It’s fine, I had fun while it lasted.

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F**k 2k, this mf’ers are banning everyone for their own problems


lol a huge part of mycareer getting banned too. I made less than 60k off Veronica, so I shouldn’t look suspicious


This via @smithboys1

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Sorry to hear bro, I’m still waiting a verdict. I read the reversals are at 5% so I’m expecting bad news. I really hope they have made their point but I guess we will find out Friday last two weeks have been ban day.


But you had a warning. It’s called terms of service.


This just happened today?