Perma Banned ? use another console

Hey guys, I read a lot about guys getting banned and suspended ect. If you were perma banned then you can use a different account on another console if you wish. You would have to start all over obviously but this happened to me last year. I got banned on both my PS4 and Xbox consoles for , well you all know for what lol. Anyway I then used my other Xbox one console to keep doing what I do on that console at least.

I thought I would start a new topic because the other one was huge and I wanted you guys to know. Most of you that got perma banned won’t even bother with this game anymore but I thought I would let you know my experience from last year. Hopefully it works for the guys that want to try but no guarantees obviously. They don’t ban your IP, they ban the MAC address on the console so that console can’t access 2kservers for that game. This year when I got the game I used the same console I was banned on last year and it worked.


Good advice but I’m sure not many can splurge on spare consoles in case of 2k ban lol


Maybe some guys will have a spare console that their kid plays on like me, I don’t know lol.

If I were banned permanently, especially for such ridiculous reason like snipping, I would probably never touch again a 2k product.

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Change your Tv, it removes the ban lmao