Perkins vs KD

Perkins vs KD

This shit is getting unreal.

Perk bodybagged him


This is getting boring. Get over it KD is not even on that team anymore lol.


Perkins LOVES the attention

Perkins is annoying, but he’s right.
If KD thought he did the right thing, he wouldn’t be using fake twitter accounts to defend himself.


At least post what started this whole yawn-worthy exchange.

Does anyone really care about this anymore?

Everyone has already chosen a side on this by now and noone is likely changing their minds this far after. Also idk why shit players feel they have any ground to go after people of his caliber, regardless of his choices.

Perkins suck tho

perk suck but he right tho

Perk did his job and is just spitting truth


Perkins is there to give us a good laugh

KD shouldn’t have got in his feelings though, it was a tweet about Russ that started it.

ESPN sitting up in corporate salivating over the ratings for the next week because of this shit.

Averaging 3 points and 2 rebounds playing good minutes is kinda crazy though

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What started this?

Perkins said Russ was the greatest OKC player ever and KD jumped in and said shit about Perkins when he played in OKC so Perks went off letting him know the truth.

Edit: Perkins brought up KD’s name first and KD let him know he was useless for OKC so Perkins let him know some shit as well


The truth is KD would never join a team with Perkins on it ever again

Thanks man. KD is the better player but if it’s OKC then it’s russ.

Damn so they ain’t homeboys anymore

Imagine a scrub like Perk talking to KD like this. Hilarious!


Was he lying?

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