Perfect defense won't help - how to adjust

I pride myself of playing nearly perfect defense, and while this helped me being still undefeated in Play Now Online, this is not nearly as useful in Super Max.

Check this out:

Yes, that clean block was called for a foul

This mode is made for low IQ people, and even getting one or two stops each quarters is a W, given that both you and your opponent will score every damn possession.
Also, trapping the opponent is a necessity in order to get some steals. Steals are one of the best defensive weapons, since contesting shots isn’t enough in this mode. You need to strip the ball entirely from your opponent in order to prevent them from scoring.

Defense is at an all time low in this mode, but I don’t give up, I’m still perfecting my scheme. Steals and switches are a huge part of it.

Rant part: draw foul ratings are way too high and make just diving into the paint with no space a bail out plan for guys with no IQ who can’t construct a good look. There’s no way every player should have a 95 draw foul to begin with. This makes help defense basically impossible to play: either you are posterized or called for a non existent foul!

I can’t believe he pulled that with Lebron. His release is pretty slow and I have to be pretty open to pull up with him. He had to be running out of time right? I guess that’s one of the reasons people prefer big point guards - to defend better against bigger guys. I’ve read here that people also run switch all defense with pretty much all players on the court with the same height.

Yes, that’s why I went straight for the contest, I knew he wasn’t going to have time to drive.

I do it as well, and it’s great at shutting down pick&rolls. Also, let’s be honest, 99% of the people have their IQ so low that they don’t even realize they have a mismatch when I switch my Curry onto a big man.

Man, i played a game today where i barely won by 3. All game long i ran plays, all game long he ran into the paint, i’d contest with primary defender and then with my big, yet they (shots) were rolling hot into my basket. Just basket after basket, eventually i managed to block him 4 times in a row and come from -5 to +3, but man o man, the defense this year is so garbage i can’t even.

Yeah I’ve noticed it too. You can literally hide weak/small defenders by assigning them to guard who ever except the opposing PG.

Maybe it’s not even that the defense is bad, maybe cards are just too powerful offensively. And if you really look at the NBA, the best offensive players can have 20-30pt games on the regular meaning that they can’t really be guarded irl either. And if your starting 5 consists of 4 elite offensive players, what can you expect right? I mean the greatest defenders in this game should be much better at locking them up and you can actually feel the defense being a bit better if you switch from an average defender to elite. But I agree, it’s mostly just offense in this game.

Blocking 4 times is huge because you are actually going to score on nearly every possession as well!

EXACTLY!!! Once you switch Curry from the main handler, they treat him like he is on the bench!

But you have to understand that there is so many flaws in this whole concept, 1st of all, a human running at max speed and being pressured by defender and then his shot being contested by someone like Wilt, how many shots (not dunks) would someone make? And they just roll in like my defense wasint even there, and that my friend real life just dont happen. The thing is, take by example someone like KD, he shoots most of his shots, so because he has height advantage he can shoot over defender, and its fine, if in 2k Dirk shoots heaves i dont mind, but when offensive player is rolling all over my team being contested by half my team, that shit is just beyond silly.

Yeah, cpu should help the post defender out a bit somehow. Maybe like giving a little bump or smth so that it wouldn’t be possible to drive in, pass to big and put his nuts in my big mans face every possession.

I think there should be a limit on high tier diamonds per team in sm. Like max 1 pd, 2 diamonds and 3 amys. There has to rubies sapphire and emeralds as well. The salary cap system does not serve its purpose. If you have this mix, you can build strategies around your star players and role players. It will be more realistic rather than a high powered all star team with the same strenght coming of the bench.

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Yes, I would like that as well. Although it would suck not to be able to use Robinson in this case. Surely everybody would use some other PD. But this type of thing should come into play surely. But they want our money and they know everybody wants PD’s