Percentage of players that play MyLeague

I’ve been playing NBA 2k since 2k9. Until 2k14 i’ve only played myplayer, from 2k14 until 2k20 i’ve only played myleague/my gm doing rebuilds and playing full seasons on 12 min quarters, playing as realistic as possible.

On 2k20 i’ve started my first MyTeam and since i’ve discovered this forum, it really became addicting. I spend more time on 2kg than i do on social media and i play MyTeam almost daily whenever i have free time ( which i have a lot in this period ) .

MyTeam became really addictive and it lure me into spending money ( which i never did on video games ) and also became almost a part time job spending at least 3 hours on a daily baisis.

When i tried to go back to MyLeague, i just couldn’t play it. Playing competitive online literally ruined the way i used to play against the CPU. I’ve started seeing all the flaws the gameplay had and just couldn’t stop abusing it (peak a boo, rim run, hop step, offballing )

It wore me down and i have to stop playing it. I want to go back to MyLeague and do rebuilds again ( i am looking at you Orlando ). So, long story short, my question is:

How many players are there, that play MyLeague? And what percentage of the 2k’s player base play MyLeague in your opinion?

2k tried to add more sauce to it by adding new features like: mentorship, personality traits, “realistic trades and signins ( not quite ) and other things.

Will 2k develop more for an offline mode for the next gen?


On this site maybe 5%

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I used to play my league a lot last year but I stopped playing as much this year. A big part of that is the fact that 2k added just about nothing new to my league this year

Every now and then I do some rebuilds but playing myteam a lot ruins my league I feel like


You really just have to force realism on the game. I play MyLeague a lot but this year was the first time I drafted Giannis. He is absurd. I’d just grab the rebound, run full court, hop-step, dunk. The CPU had no clue how to deal with it, and I caught myself abusing it. You just have to play more realistically. here are also slider sets out there that make the CPU less idiotic. “2K with the Popboy” is a good YouTuber for realism. You can get some good games against the CPU if you’re willing to not exploit it.


Just checked him out. Looks promising

I love MyLeague, I don’t play as much as MT tho.

Yeah I understand where you’re coming from. I was exclusively a myleague player before 2k18 and have been playing myteam since August of that cycle. I played a game using those rosters with a friend recently and it didn’t feel the same at all. Not sure I could go back to it unless I edited badges.

I played only myleague and a little mycareer until last year. Myteam got me interested last year and hooked this year. I like the fact that I can earn/buy new players to try out if I’m getting bored with part of my lineup. In myleague, trading too frequently for that purpose almost feels too fake in a mode that isn’t supposed to be.

I also miss when 2k allowed more than 10 files. I guess it’s so people can’t farm vc from infinite careers, but one year I had a franchise per team trying to see how quickly I could build a champion with each one. I normally would simulate most of the games and play the special occasion ones where they change up the broadcast.

I honestly felt like the sliders they added (might’ve been last year) were a huge step forward in terms of progressing through. I haven’t messed with myleague in a while, but it was fun to try to tweak those to make progression more realistic. It’s consistently a pretty solid franchise mode. Definitely better than Madden. I haven’t played Fifa in years, and Xbox hasn’t had baseball in a while, but I’m guessing myleague holds up well against those too. I’ll be curious to see what next gen looks like.

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Even on Beyond HOF Popboy sliders though, you can still cheese against the cpu. Whether it’s halfcourt steals on their pg, wide open corner threes when calling a screen and ofc hawks freelance L1 L1 rim run against a defender with no clamps
Edit: Post hooks almost always go in too

I don’t play the games in my league, but I like doing fantasy drafts and trying to win the chip.


My brother and my two boys and I would all draft teams and play seasons in 2k18 and 2k19 but it got to the point where we would always draft similar teams and then try and abuse the meta. And when you play the same people over and over again it gets boring. So my brother now plays my career and my son and I play my team. And I can’t imagine returning to my league. It’s just kind of boring after playing my team.

I had a very similar timeframe: did MyLeague for the longest time until this year when got way too into MyTeam (still am). But there is still appeal in going back and doing rebuilds as the GM w/o really even playing games

MyLeague is fun. Too bad they ruined the HOF CPU.


My League Online is prob what you’re looking for …


I played myleague exclusively until 2k18 it’s fallen off every year since I first started in 2k11 tho