People with Fireball... still like it?

Or this the typical ‘gotta have it’ but then it gets old immediately? Asking for a friend.

Still enjoying it but I feel like my ratio for home to away games has been terrible since getting it. Maybe once I have more home games it will get old but for now it’s fun to play with.

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I just finally got it yesterday i think its dope af… and then i get ppl messaging me how i got it :rofl::rofl:

Disco ball > fire ball


Hoping to get it with soon. Just need 7 more pd rewards

I like it a lot. But yeah not using it much as I feel like I never get home court

Yeah that was happening to me but i be gettin it in triple threat :joy:

I love it in TTO…dont use it in MTU out of courtesy lol

I think if I grind TT offline about 270 games I’ll have enough tokens for the Fireball and 2 goats, if they drop and are 1750 tokens like last year

Even post “balls” event, I still haven’t seen another fireball on competition team when they get home court

How many tokens will it take u for just the balls u need?

PS:. :heart: the rating tab on 2kdb!!!

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That’s why it’s a necessary flex

I need token rewards 7 amethyst, 10 diamond, and 5 PD’s for a total of 1560 tokens to get the three gem balls

Kind of praying for a token update ASAP so if I have to take so many token rewards to get the Fireball, at least have the chance to pick & try the newest ones… last year’s final update had a few actually relevant PD’s

For sure…I love rolling out the fire ball @B_Rabbit!!

Now we just need a takeover for 35 foot dunks that shatter backboards!! I’d pay money for that!!!

Screw realism!!! This a damn video game!!! There’s a reason NBA Jam a classic…the gameplay was “FUN”. Imagine that 2k. :man_facepalming::man_facepalming::man_shrugging::man_shrugging::thinking::thinking:

PS:. Just noticed this must be during MJ retirement or that Midway didn’t have his rights, cuz PIP is running with Ho Grant :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Honestly it’s just a flex, I only really put it on in TTO to show to people that I got it. It’s really unnecessary and it’s a distraction. It’s messes up my releases sometimes but it’s a cool ball to have. Wouldn’t recommend using it in Unlimited tho.


It’s a novelty. After 3-4 games it becomes kinda annoying. Also messes up my jumpshot release, lol

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