People overrate SWB?

I get it when people put it on primary/secondary ball handler, but there are other shoes/stats that worth it. Speed/open 3 shoes for shooters coming of the screens are gold for them, 97 speed Melo :0. I guess people really not use to running plays yet. It also helps on fast breaks.

Most ppl don’t run plays and only wanna dribble/drive around so thats why speed w/ball is important to them.

I wish they had a strength +5 shoe but apparently they don’t :frowning:

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Speed with ball is a very useful stat for me and no I don’t just run to the basket. Y’all know how I rock

Speed > SWB also for Defense.


Speed with ball on my Carmelo just cuz his speed already in the 90s and his well rounded,n but I agree its overrated especially on bigs

swb, speed, and acceleration are all overrated. The court is to small for speed to have the type of impact it should in game.

It’s overrated if you’re just talking about fast breaking down the court which doesn’t work very well at all this year. But I think SWB is extremely important for shot creation, running PnR, ISO and just generally exploding out of your dribble move.

Side Note: who remembers 2k17 before Speed & SWB were different things and Amy Deandre Jordan was going coast to coast and jamming it all game?!

Lol swb and speed were separate attributes in 2k17

Exactly why i have coach pop, he gives lebron +5 strength and i got a +5 speed with ball shoe on him

My bad time flies. 2k16