People just lol me

Flash pausing when hes cpu contested my shot and i missed while his hiding in the corner :joy::joy::joy:


Gotta love kids :joy:

The best is when they flash pause you and miss :joy::joy:


There’s nothing more hillarious than people trying to inbound cheese against Wilt in TTO.
Even Giannis gets torched on that full-court sprint.

I find it pretty funny when they off ball and the cpu gets a crazy block or something and they flash pause.

Yesterday I had a guy who off balled me the whole triple threat game using pd pg Shaq and Hedo tell me how trash I was cause he beat me since I have worthy, I responded with you off ball the whole game and are talking smack on a triple threat game, then he sent me 40 party invites followed by so many messages trying to tell me how horrible I am lol

I just got subglitched in tto. Pos

Its serious man you didn’t know that… life or death on tto