People In the Northern Parts of North America, Why the Hell is it Snowing?

No, you read the title right, it is snowing in September, 9 days into fall. Just 3 days after a nice +15⁰ C day. We got about 2 feet of snow in the past 2 days alone. Is anyone experiencing this?

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You know the answer.


With climate change weather becomes more extreme. Soon enough itll be snowing in late august

Yup. 25cm here in Calgary.

How are the roads up there? I live in a mid sized city near you guys and ours are just abysmal.

Still mid 90’s here in KY. I’d love to start seeing fall weather.


Primary roads are ok…side roads are a disaster. Typical for day after winter storm like this.

87 and humid where I am

Agree with you on wanting to see fall weather

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Illinois here, we got chilly rainy weather the past weekend

My commute into work this morning was maybe 20 mins longer. Closer to 1hr vs usual 40-45 mins.

Was chilly rainy for me too , now warm and humid eeeew

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Our classes got cancelled but the main school district tried to keep secondary schools open until the city told them that it was a dumb idea to have people driving right now, and city transit also got shut down as well.

What is this “fall” weather you speak of?? Lol. We went from summer (70’s) last weekend to 2ft of snow this weekend.

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Yeah, I think we’ve skipped spring and fall almost entirely over the past few years.

God likes fucking with Albertans; “30⁰ here, maybe some -45⁰ there.”

We went from like 50 to 80 in 3 days lol

Global Warming in effect

This made me laugh lmao

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which state