People Have No Decency

Morning fellas, just wanted to start off the day by saying I hope you all enjoy it. I go to my car this morning only to find out someone smashed by anck window by my daughters side just to get a damn 20$ transmitter out of it smh. Some people are really just sick man, I have both of my girls carseats back there, at least have some decency to just leave the shit and go away.


Damn that’s cold. Check and see if any of your neighbors have cameras that might have saw it.

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Sorry to hear that bro. Thats really ashame. Esp over 20 corny ass dollars. Dont let it phase u fam.


Sorry to hear that bro. Im a dad of 2 as well and that sucks.


Unfortunately I was in a boulevard because no parking on my block last night. I always park there if I have to, but guess I was the nights target

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Smfh. Sorry to hear that


Sorry to hear that. I’ve had my old car broken into, legit woke up to my hood popped open. Now I moved next to a mental institution and they let me park in their lot with cameras lol

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Lol clutch. I live right across the street from a nursing home so by default my block is the safest in the neighborhood. My car was parked literally around the corner like wtf. I got lucky because they left my airport I’d. If the wrong hands get those it’s a BIG problem


I know how you feel, I’ve had vehicles in my life broken into three times. That’s why when I bought a home, I made sure it had a garage that can fit my car in it.

Delete this

Why so?

Idk lol I’m just paranoid someone might key in on that last part

Lol I gotchu

Not to mention it’s like $100 to replace the badge if I remember right. The company I used to work for did some work for Delta. I had to go get badged cause we worked at Hartsfield/Jackson sometimes.

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