Penthouse of diamond Dennis Rodman

I love the man but this reward is the worst set reward card i’ve locked for 5 years :joy: No big regrets just because i pulled all in a 20 pack but that doesn’t the change the fact this card is not a even a good defensive card let alone offensive side. Amy Marion is a way better rebounder. I am in s-h-a-m-b-l-e-s. This shit has to be updated :cold_face: It has no resemblence of Rodman…


Daily reminder to never lock in sets. Unless its GOAT Kareem from last year of course.

Made the right decision then, thanks for this :slightly_smiling_face:

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Dennis Rodman has never been represented well in 2k for the player he was.

He did, sort of in 2k17 but was able to hit open 3s :cold_face:

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“The Dictator-Bootlicking Old Basketball Player Exhibition Tour of Diamond Dennis Rodman”


I am well known to lock just the right sets actually, had only Pippen & Kareem locked last year :grin: just could not resist the itch this time. I had no intend to sell the players in the set, gave it a shot. At least people used Zion for 2 weeks last year :rofl: This one is absolutely horrible. I’ll be silently waiting for a duo update :cold_face:

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