Penny Shoe?

What shoe you guys think is best for Penny? White Kobe’s?

He feels freaking amazing my new backup pg

3 point shoe. That’s really his only major weakness

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Yea Kobe’s it is 98 steal, 90 three, 80 post fade, 99 ball control, 99 accel

Whew, that sounds nasty. Definitely looks like that’s the best choice for him

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Is he better than oscar? might drop him for penny.

I like him better than Oscar and I’ve only played a couple games. The size is just awesome finishes like crazy and his shot is smoother that alone was a no brainer for me.

Btw he’s a Pd with Kobe’s 97 overall

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The white kobes are the best shoe for almost any wing, but so expensive.

Any other suggestions for a more affordable shoe?

I wasn’t sure how I was feeling about this card but grabbed one with diamond contract and badges for 100k. I didn’t want to blow a bunch of money on the shoe so I added the pink adias. He’s 99 Swb/ 80 post fade/ 97 steal / 93 pass vision.

Works pretty good and picked one up cheap for like 7k. I also have D’Antoni so I get the boost to Open 3, Ball control and speed

Anyone know if there is a shoe that gets him lockdown takeover?

I went with the white and red Jordans for driving dunk, steal and a few others.

I was looking at that as a cheap option. Any idea what takeover he gets?

Weatherman. Boost 3point and shot contest and look just damn pretty.
and they are actually penny’s shoes.


Not sure… I’m guessing playmaker and lockdown.