Penny has the second most stats for a pullable diamond

Behind Big O, AK47 actually first but u can’t buy him


How’s his jumper? Thinking about grabbing one tonight

Very similar to pippen unfortunately

I actually liked Pippens release but I could see how it might be a problem on a guard

Damn, I was gonna pick up Penny but this is a deal breaker for me. Really hated how slow Pippen’s release was

It’s not bad if u plan on mainly driving with him

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Is he better than oscar ? and whats his price?

The stats favor oscar but his extra 2 inch height worth it?

I like him, he all around, his takeovers are probably his worst thing, I have coach pop so base card gets dimer/lockdown takeover, but I don’t know how to get it to dunking/lockdown

Not possible unfortunately.

That Playmaker takeover is awesome though. Momentum one way, behind the back the other way, hop back, momentum back the other way, behind the back again. At some point here, you will get an ankle breaker and an easy dunk/dime.

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With a gold +5 speed with ball, +5 ball control and +5 driving dunk, he got shot creator/dimer takeover

Ehh personally I’d prefer lockdown over shot creator. 93 steal ftw

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Just pulled Penny. How good is he? I run Magic and Manu at point. Can he replace Manu? I doubt he is better than Magic.

I bought him for 80k earlier. I’ve noticed he kind of plays like a better Baron Davis, but he is taller and a much better defender. He also throws down some nasty dunks


Anyone try him with a 3pt shoe? Thinking it’s tempting

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I put the Foams on mine and he plays extremely similar to his diamond last year (that I used for like 400 games). He has playmaking/shot creator takeovers with D’Antoni.


Interesting. I can’t even remember the last time I’ve used a high-tier penny card so that I’m itself is tempting. I think I’ll try him out. You may have just convinced me lol

Penny 93k BIN PG open 3 shoes W?

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I would say so for now, at least.

I got one pair of foams and I can’t decide if I wanna use them on Hakeem, Roy or this Penny.

Got him last night from single pack , don’t think he can be better than Magic or the glove, but i will keep him, to do magic all time squad after t-mac will be released.