Penny & gilbert arenas on tto boards y’all boyz

Let the sweat fest Begin :sob::sweat:

Drop ur pulls


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They in triple threat boards

diamond or pink diamond ?


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Looks like diamond versions

Both diamonds fam . U kno how 2k do they was generous af wit dat Yao

Im not playing for a 20k diamond player


Same here I might hop on 4 a couple games if it’s dry im out :man_shrugging:t5:

Shit put melo on there


The one time I’m home when they put player cards on TTO boards, and they put two, seldom used Diamond point guards up.

Ah well, this might be net some decent MT if I’m lucky.

Boy u dreaming dreaming :sob:


Nice i wouldnt mind seeing everyones lineup with a diamond arenas or penny against my Big O :smiling_imp:

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How do you know they re on boards?

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Oh c’mon put the pd arenas at least, what we should do with the diamond quicksell?

Trash that they keep doing this shit with people at work.

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jordan lebron wilt queuieng xb1 now hmu if we match

I have yet to see one card drop when they’re on boards , not worth getting cheesed to death

Itll be a free 15k no complaints here. Better then 99% other shir on the board.

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