Pels gonna sweep Blazers

If we do in fact sweep Portland I swear to god I have hope against Golden State. If I had to bet my life savings on the series? Golden State all day without a shred of a second thought. But there IS a chance!

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I think curry will be back next series so they ultimately become better than what they are now. But Pels look good so anything can happen

Warriors will start throwing games against the Spurs to extend the series and give Steph more rest lol

I can see warriors winning in a hard fought 6 but man it’s too bad the Pels will never be able to work cap space for LeBron in the off-season.

Mirotic and Davis are a handful for anyone. Rondo can be a pest to even steph. It will come down to draymond on Davis. And then maybe Davis guards durant? Not sure who else guards Durant.

I think the pelicans are a worse case scenario for rockets and warriors. The bigs plus the guards can really defend.

Everybody has to stop with this “anything can happen” mess. My penis can only get so erect.

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I will stop it. In no reality will the Pelicans beat the Warriors lol.

Celtics over Warriors in 6. Trust Lord Stevens.

I’m glad AD got a playoff series win. One of my favorite players and a future MVP. Equally happy about getting an Amy Mirotic lol

Why you gotta trash my my dreams and my unrealistic vibe?

Hold on, is amy Mirotic a certainty? Cuz I built my all Pelicans starting 5 on 2k last night and I have ruby Mirotic at the 3. He has like 50 something on ball defense so I need an upgrade badly lol.

Small forward is our weakest link EASILY. Durant will hurt us. Throw Rondo on Steph and Jrue on Klay. AD should pick up Durant whenever possible but we can’t leave Mirotic and a SF down low expecting to get rebounds. If we win two games I’ll be happy. If we have the same lineup next year with Boogie back healthy I think we could make some noise.

Pelicans will beat anybody. Any team in the playoffs we play against will get swept. This is the start of the Dynasty. Pelicans Bandwagon signup sheet below.
5 million

My fucking boy.

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Don’t forget we have the cheat code for the Warriors. We have Alvin Gentry he knows how the Warriors offense works. He can probably get Jrue and Rondo to lock down on curry like we did on Dame and CJ. We have no answers for KD tho. Our best bet is increasing Solomon Hill’s minutes for defense on him. They won’t be able to guard AD. Draymond to short and not quick enough same with zaza. Mirotic and Ad will score a lot on them and our guards will still play good too except for whoever Klay is guarding

For some reason Draymond usually does a pretty good job against AD. I think he guards AD better than anyone personally. He just somehow gets up under him and gets him off balance and plays hard. I hate Draymond but I respect his game. If we get two games I’ll be thrilled though. This has been a fun season man.

On the flipside, the warriors won’t be able to play any if their bigs, since none of them can guard Davis or Mirotic. This gives the pelicans an immense size advantage. A dynamic big gives the warriors problems, pelicans have 2. And no way Steph is 100%.

He’s a different player right now. Experience is the best teacher. He looks like he wants it more this year. I think he will dominate Draymond.

Honestly having KD at the 4 and Draymond at the 4 scares me more than zaza. KD blocks a lot of shots and is basically unguardable on offense. He nor Draymond will be able to guard AD tho. I also think rondo and Jrue will show up big

True. Gonna be a fun series man. Gonna be stressful haha.