Pelinka was right

Pelinka was so right…

Just seeing people here

Most of you dont want Lakers to be dominant again, jealous bit**** ahahah

I dont mind Lakers being relevant, i think yall dudes been shit for too long. But even when you sucked long enough you still manage to acquire 00000 humility, sad, but true.

Excuse us for not being use to lose :wink:

Lakers are the greatest franchise in NBA history, deal with it

Hey calm down mate. I am also a Lakers fan for long now. But if Lakers start to have irritating bandwagonners shitting at everyone’s face, I’m gonna get mad

Bruh no offense but you’re really making us Laker fans look bad.

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The Celtics are clearly the greatest franchise in nba history…

Nope sorry
I respect your opinion tho
Not everybody’s case here

It’s not debatable

Bandwaggoners ? Lmao how old are you ?

Lakers is also the greatest franchise for me. But no reason to act that way. I respect every franchise (Okay, maybe not the Clippers, joking). I don’t want Lakers fan base to be like the warriors one

Go warriors

Dont compare me to warriors fan thx

Age has nothing to do with the discussion. I don’t write a topic saying everyone is a B and yelling at everyone that Lakers is the greatest franchise and that they have to deal with it


Don’t act like one then, thx


Well i just did
I dont see how this makes me a bandwaggon dude
I support Lakers since 15+ years now so dont say shit when you know nothing

Chill out. It’s not that serious.

Then you’re not a bandwagonner but an irritating disrespectful person. Wich is as bad



Bruh stfu with that kinda talk! I’m not even Filipino but that kinda talk is uncalled for!

How is that even disrespectful?