Pelicans win 2019 NBA Draft Lottery


Who will get the number one pick tmrw ?

Are we all in agreement that it should be anyone but the knicks because they’ll find a way to fuck up zions development?

Here are the odds

|New York|14.0%|
|New Orleans|6.0%|
|Los Angeles Lakers|2.0%|


zion to atlanta would be awesome

trae/zion great fit together

the last team i want to win the lotto is the cavs, they always get the first pick & their owner is super unlikable


Lakers 2% I like our chances


I think Chicago might steal it, or Washington they need a miracle right now that teams in shambles.


Cavs all the way

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Lakers will be in top 3


Top 3 will be Knicks, Lakers, Bulls because its rigged


Zion finna be a knick


Hope that Hawks will get Zion as a reward for non-tanking, promising first Trae Young season.


The knicks and bulls being in the top 3 would not be rigged. Lakers on the other hand…

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Lakers will get the number 1 pick


I think NYC will get the #1 pick because… NYC. It’s EWING TIME.

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Anyone got a link to who they are sending from each team?


If the Lakers get a top 3 pick everyone’s gonna say it’s rigged…me included :joy:


Ewing for the knicks


If Adam Sliver knows what best for the NBA. He will do the right thing.


hopefully us

but i think lakers or knicks


Anyone but Knicks and Phoenix.

Knicks are in the biggest market and with competent front office they could easily make a good playoff team in no time. They don’t need the pick.
Suns are trash, they don’t deserve it. Ruined plenty of young players already.
Cleveland had more than enough #1 picks in recent history.
Hawks already have their two future stars.
I hope Bulls and Wizards get #1 and #2.

Haven’t followed college ball that much, but looks like that it doesn’t really matter outside first 3-4 picks.
No other players are a sure things.

Btw, lottery needs a rework.
No top5 possiblity for a team that already got top5 picks in the past two seasons.
If you can’t make it work with two top5 picks, then you’re just incompetent and will ruin even more young players.


Zion to atl or chi is the best destination imo

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And with the 1st pick in the draft… The Chicago Bulls select