Pelicans media salt

“The most difficult part of the process was not knowing the unknown…when it was announced that I was being traded, I wouldn’t say it was a sigh of relief, but it was something I’d thought about for a long time.”

They called quotes like these shots at the pelicans.

Then they called this quote the most hurtful

“I know when the trade first happened, the put a mural of me up. That was pretty cool. Any time the Lakers came to New Orleans, there were some New Orleans fans, but it was all Lakers.”

Their response to this quote was: When Davis was first drafted, those were Kobe fans. Last year they were LeBron James fans. New Orleans cheers for the team. Celebrity basketball players just happen to wear Lakers jerseys a lot.

Like wtf, they just are saying there is no such thing as a laker fan, just Kobe and bron fans, then why is it that when the lakers had neither they still where 10x more popular than the pels. Plus they said that “New Orleans cheers for the team” when I’ve never even heard of a pels fan before Zion showed up like a month ago.

Just thought it was crazy that someone would make this and think it would come off any other way than butthurt and childish


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Is he a new fan or old

He’s going to have to shed some light on how long he’s been a fan, but he’s definitely been a fan longer than since they’ve received Zion.

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Ok, that’s the exception, but still NO pels have been mostly not supported by its city

That’s some unnecessary salt


I’m a Cavs fan… Very similar experience except when LeBron was playing for the team

(I’ve always supported the Cavs even in the many years they sucked)


Time for some self reflection if you made a post to point this out.

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I’m a season ticket holder, but Last year was so awful I gave away majority of my tickets. Pelicans don’t have as many fans as Boston Celtics, Lakers, Warriors etc, but that’s because they are an expansion team with very little success. We’ve only had the Hornets/Pelicans since 2002 and 3 of the years they weren’t in New Orleans due to Hurricane Katrina… they relocated to OKC. Once we got the team back it had no superstars and the one superstar we had wanted a trade (Chris Paul) and the trade for CP3 didn’t exactly turn around into a bunch of favorable pieces because they were all injured. Holiday didn’t play his first season with more than 45 games played as a Pel till 2 seasons ago. Eric Gordon didn’t wanna be in N.O missed significant time, Ryan Anderson as well. It was absolutely nothing to root for, but New Orleans is a town that supports the home team. It’s just the home team didn’t give us much to root for. Now as for as all the new fans. That would be from Lonzo Ball and Zion Williamson. They have millions of followers via social media and are easily the most popular players to be drafted in the last 5 years or more.

But let me add that this is a Football city. We love the Saints and LSU. You won’t find a empty seat at the super dome or at LSU. The Pelicans will get the same love now that they have a team that can possibly win more than 20 games. Fans showed out for AD and Boogie. Ticket sales were up, but we won’t support a team that loses 60 games as much. Same as the Suns, Hornets, etc


I didn’t make it out of anger or resentment tho, I made it because I found it surprising

It’s funny cause Lakers fans been on hush mode from the end of kobe until they got LeBron… Hmmmm

Easy to say buthurt when your stars continuously force trades, see Paul Chris, Davis Anthony, or even Bryan Kobe. Sure Pels management sucked big balls and did not provide AD platform he deserved, but he also comes of a as spoiled brat.

In essence 2 wrong don’t make one right, but they’re upset with a reason, simples.

I just thought they were stretching these small quotes into something it wasn’t, and also taking shots at laker fans by calling them just Kobe or bron fans

Wasn’t trying to question your individual fandom. Just never have heard from a NO fan, and the Pels have a reputation as being an under supported franchise. So I was pointing that out since they said the lakers only had Kobe and Lebron supporters.

It’s hard to gain fans in a football city when you have little success as a franchise. During the playoff series vs. Portland, you could see excitement build up for the team as the SKC was packed and rowdy. There’s a reason the Superdome is one of the best home field advantages in the NFL. If the Pelicans show they can be competitive and exciting, there’s no reason New Orleans can’t be a basketball and football city. And you expect the Pelicans to like the Lakers after the 2 biggest stars in their history have left to be in LA? Of course they’re being petty, AD was just as petty or more towards the Pelicans as well. Pels fans and the team have much more respect for CP3 than AD because he waited till the end of the season, not basically throwing the season down the drain telling all his teammates he was expecting to beg for a trade during training camp before the season ever started


This is one persons opinion and obviously he is irked by ADs comments since the franchise love and supported him and now he’s saying these things. I also think he is saying that the fans that showed up to the Pels games were Kobe and Lebron fans, not that there are no lakers fans. He is commenting on ADs comments prior to that statement. Similar to how a lot of warriors jerseys at away games because of Steph.

Either way, Pelicans is a relatively new franchise and wouldn’t expect them to have as much support. And this is one writer’s view. Do not generalize to rest of media or even Pelican fans.

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Your title asked if there is such a thing as Pelicans media…as if New Orleans is not a metropolitan city…and then break down quotes from a Pelicans blog as what you’re referring to as “Pelicans media” and, I guess, the city of New Orleans?

Do you think it’s significant for a fan blog to be defensive about their team?


Taking his obvious bias and using one blog bois opinion as the overarching belief of an entire city. There’s many people in Nola who would’ve loved to keep AD and hold no ill will toward him

New Orleans is such an amazing city

It’s kool man I didn’t take it as a shot at me or Pels, but just letting you know why you may have never heard of a Pels fan. Fairly new Organization, very little success, and lack of star players. There were always Pels fans in New Orleans. Probably just not as wide spread around the world as LA.

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