Peja or Rashard

Closing in on my 2nd Diamond rewards player. Can’t decide between Peja or Rashard. Who do you guys recommend? Plan on running whichever one I get off the bench at either the 2 or stretch 4. My bench is currently Reggie Lewis (saving for Diamond B Roy) Hedo, Brent Barry (goated), Kevin Knox and Amy Dirk


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On my sweaty 12-0 squad I use Hedo at the 4. Can Rashard replace him or is Hedo better. Hedo has weatherman’s so he’d sell for a pretty penny

Peja no doubt. My favorite diamond reward to this date. I recently picked up that Marques Johnson and he’s been fantastic too. He’s basically Dominique Wilkins

Yeah im doing a 12-0 run for someone and have lewis as my back up 4. He can handle himself

Peja has an easy release like klay. He just missing limitless range hall of fame

Compared them on 2kmtc. Gonna go with Rashard first he has 150 more total stats. Tho Peja looks like the better shooter

Pejas jumpshot is silky smooth

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post the link and it does it automatically usually

So do you guys think Peja/Hedo or Rashard/Hedo is the better 2/4 combo

If I were you, I’d run Hedo at the 2 and shard at the 4. I have Hedo with the CP3 on him and Shard with black Jordan’s. Pejas shot contest and post defense are abysmal. I don’t run Shard any longer due to upgrades, but I did run him for a bit

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Copped Rashard, thanks for the advice guys. Peja next. Last question, should I start Hedo or Rashard? Rashard is better or tied in almost every category but my Hedo has weatherman’s and obviously Hedo is considered one of the best players in the game