Peekaboo bums are trashier than off ballers

literally all the title. so trash that this shit works like this.


I don’t do it, but I can’t call them trash, that takes stick skills to consistently pull that off

Pro tip: if you have your 4 & 5 have atleast gold clamps and decent lateral, switch all defense helps against that, at that point they will be forced to kick it down to the big that has the guard on them from the switch and at that point try to keep them in the paint for the 3 second violation or call a double when they’re players try to relocate on the perimeter, it will normally cause the center that’s about to get doubled to throw it over their heads out of bounds


im just mad i cant do it and needed to vent lol but ill try that


Theyre both trash


I can. That’s all they rely on and when the shots don’t fall, they have nothing to back them up and look like fools who jack bad shots.


Yea it’s not easy, I think tydebo does a good job of breaking it down in one of his videos

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it takes one patch to expose all of them as scrubs


I’m not a good 2K player and it’s not that hard. You’ll see why cards like PD Wade are do OP once you figure it out. I definitely do it to the AI in Sims lol

YouTube it lol

Don’t players that peekaboo also offball…excuse me…I mean bait passing lanes. Lol


yea they sit there chopping away as I send their man on a cut


I can’t peek-a-boo all game, I might be able to do it if I can learn the timing and animations but myteam isn’t built like that, I don’t use Wade and don’t intend to sweat for Rice, I like to attack the paint more then anything, I’ll win games where my opponent took 31 3s and I only took 3


I also lost my last nerve. eu servers are bullshit and i can’t play as well which is maybe a bigger problem.

Do u have a god squad or are u more PD friendly

Switch all on all screens and just shoot the screener defender to the ball handler and then user the roller

Thats what I do. U just gotta be watchful where the screen coming from


The only way to contain it is to have peek hybrid onball/offball stick skills. I do no hedge and am constantly switching and adjust when I run into these players.

The best part is once you somewhat shut it down, you can tell when they get frustrated, and have no plan B or C to fall back on.

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I haven’t faced an onballer all weekend


You won’t either with comp players and YouTubers promoting this style of play. It’s the life of 2K now.

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Great tip Im going to try this tomorrow eu servers only playable early morning

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Peeking is the only way to take a shot on the move


This weekend has been all sweat. Peekaboo, offball and tall PG rim runners. Unlimited’s greatest hits

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