Peak a boo

If someone wants to try figure how to ,
I can’t do it right now

couldn’t tell you looks like a gather, do you know bp’s sigs would help

Ye I know them I ve tested everything , but ye he keep changing them .

You just run one way and flick right stick to opposite ball hand and shoot

Why do you want to peek a boo in 2K21 lol. Leave that shit in 2K20


I have to Puke a bit every time read/hear peak a boo :face_vomiting:


its not getting left in 2k20, everyones gonna do it once cards can shoot and they figure it out

No way, better ways to set your feet fast and get a standing shot is way better than a fade . Requires more stick , better offense to get open and shoot a high percentage shot instead of a fade like everyone does and will be patched

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I can’t even left trigger stop anymore it’s annoying not being able to set my feet

All you gotta do is flick right stick directly to opposite ball hand and shoot when you’re running. Feels like im playing 2k20. Gotta flick it straight to either the 3 or 9, can’t go diagonal down otherwise you’ll get shit animation


I can quickstop like last year without any button , but it’s not that easy I can’t do under pressure I get a lot of fades .
L2 you need to be fast to avoid contest
This way In the video I can’t do for some reason :rofl:

So instead of flicking down flick to opposite hand correct ?

Yep, if you’re running left flick directly right then shoot

Bet thanks brodie

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@Pedronqneves :shushing_face:

Just need cards with faster releases to drop.


They will crucify you here ahah

Hell yea I’ve been lost without my quick stop this year. Thanks guys!



Why is this frowned upon by a part of the community? Like, it’s another skill based move. You have to flick the right stick exactly on the correct position to be able to quick shoot. If anything, it’s much harder than last year, where you could peek a lot easier with a bunch of different ways and they were all more forgiving than this.


I do it, but the argument against it is that it looks like a glitch. Even a player who can pick the ball up with one hand (not that many) can’t flip that hand up to a shooting position like that and then reverse the momentum of their enitre arm using only their wrist to hit a shot. Its glitchy is the problem people have.

But I’ve got Shaq and Jason kidd on the same team wearing throwback utah jerseys so who gives a shit?