PD's prices going up ?!

I have 400k and wanted to buy back Magic and PD Kaj but prices are rising up
Do you think its will go down again or stabilize ?

I think they will go down a bit when a new PD comes. IMO

I juste realize that New elite throwback will be on packs during the week and maybe a Penny will be here so maybe a Little crash on Magic


Yeah that would be great too.

I wouldn’t bet on that too much, the height is there sure but Penny and Magic play 2 totally different games.

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price of kareem on xbox? im looking to sell mine since Hakeem coming

Hakeem is not coming until February 1

Penny won’t be that great. His 94 free agent card is kind of ass tbh

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There is already a diamond Penny in the game, among rewards. (C.Scott) He can’t effect anyone’s price let alone Magic.

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I sold KAJ -yesterday-for 265k with D contract and low Lillard’s.
Base one usually goes for 230k now.

You guys know I’ll be running Penny lol.


But i saw one -that was sold for 330k on Saturday.