PD Yi or PD KD?

Who’s better? I have KD but I’m wondering if that Yi is better? I have enough MT for Yi I’m just not sure lol

If you’ll do the work to evolve Yi I think he’s definitely better

PD KD is undeniably CHEEKS

Diamond Robert Covington is better than both and will help against the EQ :wink:

PD Danny Manning is better than all three :sunglasses:


Well before KD I had RoCo but I’m 10-0 down 3 and RoCo missed a buzzer beater game tying 3 and I fuckin rage bought KD :rofl: I got PD Danny coming off my bench too lol.

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Ooo okay I like how your squad is sounding :100::100: I’d honestly use that new PD Showtime Bron before KD for the updated badging, price (he’s like 12-15k), and added strength and rebounding

Also you can buy PD Darius Miles for the low and Evo him to Opal, he turns into a monster

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Yeah I was thinking about picking up Darius again, I had him before and I’d always switch between him and Jeff Green. But yeah my squads pretty nice I mean it’s not like god tier. My starting line up is Magic Glen Melo KD and KAT but im looking to replace KD lol just don’t know who to really throw in there.

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Wait what? My name is Rod and you sir have made a new friend

Magic is my favorite card this year, and I also am being forced to use the Melo as I locked for KAT. Also love the Glen who was recently pushed onto my bench in favor of Jimmy Butler

I knew you had good taste


Yeah I actually love Melo just sucks corner threes are iffy. The one thing that irritates me is KAT :rofl: Offensively he’s nice but his defense some games is just ass lol. Yeah I’ve had Magic for a month or so now couldn’t be happier I sold Ben to get Magic lol

I really hate I locked KAT… I fw Melo but his Evo is ridiculous, and Opal Marc Gasol and Embiid are already much better than KAT lol. I paid >600k for the set but I would’ve made at least a mil selling everything back right now. I’ll never lock anything again.

And yes I sold Ben for Magic too and never looked back.

Man I locked in for Ray Allen when he dropped :skull: try guessing how I feel at least Kat is semi semi usable it sucks :rofl: Yeah I’m grinding for Marc rn so he will be the starter and KAT will come off the bench lol.

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