PD Wilkins

Most fun card I use this year ,
I pay 250k today for him …
First possession dunk over GO wilt and AD ,
Fast jumper and crazy fast dribbles !
He is very good , I will sell him but it will hurt .
Anyone here that have tried him ? Opinions ?


Never tried him, but I have diamond Marques Johnson. Is Wilkins really that much different? I figured the animations would still be the same. Can Wilkins actually shoot?

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Do you still use diamond Marques Johnson? When 2K fixed his player model I stopped using him

I fuck w that diamond marques johnson HEAVY lol. Well untill they switched him. But im sure the pd is INSANE. But w so many heavy hitters comin @ sf ur prob right to sell him off.

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I bought him last night, but haven’t had a chance to use him yet. He goes for anyways between 360K-460k on PS4, so I figured that he has to be nice.

What’d they do to the player model?

He used to be Dominique Wilkins and then they changed him to his own player model

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Well damn. No where near as good now? I’ll be honest, I’ve had him for a couple months and never played him once. Now I’m bummed I didn’t.

Same here. He has a smooth release and amazing animations. 2K changed him the same time they dropped PD Wilkins just to sell more packs. Fucking crooks bro


He’s the exact same player except now he looks like a backup singer for lil Ritchie


Nah he got patched months ago

Nah i don’t use him. I gave him diamond foams a long time ago, but haven’t tried him. Might have to bring him in tto

Yea same jumper same stats just dont look like nique anymore which ruins all the fun


Gotcha. Thanks.

Idk about that. I used him up until just before the fix and it seemed to happen right before those packs dropped. Maybe I’m remembering things wrong

Actually never mind that was only a couple weeks ago

i mean they didn’t have to change him no one buys those packs anyway

Lol true. It definitely felt like a fuck you to the budget ballers just grinding tokens for reward players. That probably wasn’t 2K’s actual intention but I can’t help but be pissed. I’ve never gotten to use a good Wilkins card so early in the game before and I was pretty attached lol

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If he does have fast handles i might get him i thought he would feel sluggish amd slow

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Never test him , but this Wilkins looks good …
Pay 250k and still too much at this stage , but he feels like a HOF posterizer , more than any other player that I have try

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