PD Westbrook

i’m thinking about getting him, is he worth it?

I have Jordan, Lebron and KD, but that Westbrook card is by far the most fun card I’ve ever used. He can pull from the logo and dunk like a god. Must cop PG in my opinion.


Westbrook is crazy best pg i used this year

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I usually don’t like Russ cards in 2k but after reading the praise and seeing he was like 65-70k I thought I’d give him a go and he is by far the most fun PG I’ve used. Shoots insanely, easy to green, dunks at will, blows by people, locks up on D. All around great card and for his price it’s a no brainer imo

RWB is a nice card, but can’t believe people really comparing this card to Wade. Releases must be really variable based on the user this year.

RWB has one of the worst releases I’ve used all year, imo, even with the hesi-cancel a defender can easily close out on his 3.

It’s a nice budget card and amazing at most other things, but he’s nowhere near Wade imo (who only costs about 50k more.)


Maaaaan RWB has turned into my favourite player on the league. So,I went and got this card for 64k and I don’t regret it one bit. I will be finding plays to get him at least a double double every game.

Wade has no dimer or pick dodger though


I just sold PG LeBron because of how good Westbrook is… can’t justify the price difference for LeBron

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If you want a PG, I feel that, but Wade is a scorer who can run PG, I always have another player w/ Dimer on the court anyway and I put Wade on the SG/SF so less screens to go through. Also, if you on-ball I don’t have too much issue w/ screens even w/o Pick Dodger.

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dimer doesnt do much unless 3pt ratings are below 90



I couldn’t get use to Wade this year. I can hardly find the green window. Russ is automatic for me

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I’m with the group that prefers Wade. He’s the best shooter I’ve used this year, and it’s not close. I’m currently playing him at the 2 with Glitched LeBron at PG, but he’s staying in my lineup, even if I sell LeBron and need to move him to the 1.


Exact same spot. I ran Wade at the 1 and started using Glitched Bron so I put Wade at the 2.

Wade isn’t leaving my team for a very long time.

RWB is a God. Jumper is slow but easy to green. Dunks like a madman. Plays good defense. A+.

Have contemplated selling Bron but then Bron goes off and I keep him… I know I need to sell soon too… Arghhh


you locked Ray Allen don’t act like you care about mt


Oh I don’t. :money_mouth_face:

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im thinking of getting him but theres new content coming (SL and leap yr) is brodie better?
I got 140k to spare

I’ve face him a lot in MTU. He is like Rose attacking the basket. He can shoot, but his shot looks like it takes awhile to get off. I’ve been able to close out on him.

For the price, he’s definitely worth it. He’s harder to defend than that new Klay.