PD Webber or PD Bird

I’ve got them both with grey kobes and don’t know who to give boot or run them both and get sell dr.j now that I’ve got Vince

Give vince a go and see if you like him during preseason before selling Dr J. I would sell webber and pick him back up during the crash IMO. If theres new cards in the duos then all the prices will go down if your not MT Rich.

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I’ve been scoring 30 a game with Grey Kobed Webber he doesn’t miss and posters everything with his glitched dunk package.


Does he have badges? I had him with the currys and he was pretty consistant but the extra speed would be a mismatch

I got him for 70k

Damn, nice find!

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Yeah it was weird it was just sitting there for like 10mins and I’ve been looking for this card for a while now and decided to buy him

Also Vince has been playing wel pretty much dr.j with shooting badges

You’ll make more off of bird

More than I can bid lol

I got bird with the orange addidas the first day the code came out for only 80k. I’ll never sell that card. I personally think that’s the best shoe for him but I can see the grey Kobe’s being good for him but he’s my Klay, he’s putting up 60 with 12 dribbles lol

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Lol he went for 65k today. Was there for like an hour at least.

Nice!! I only got Griffin and gave up for Vince halfway through the season once I seen the rewards were pretty bad.

I was hesitant because of the speed. Makes him a legitimate 1-4 defender, but that swb boost is crucial for a his pnr game. Since I have Giannis at the 4 I can deal with the 87 speed by putting bird on the pf and Giannis on the sf. Bird technically has better post d then Giannis.

I have both these cards and they’re killing it for me. Webber is super fun because of dunks, and bird is fun for 3s. They’re both versatile, but bird takes the edge. Webber will still get outrebounded to to height. He’s also less effective in the post for the same reason. With a gold +9 swb shoe, he’s a god.

What card?

Webber is also the only one that seems consistant with the putbacks. any other player who goes for a putback, 80 percent of the time its a miss even with low amount of contact.

I usually use bird at the 4 off the bench