PD Vince?

Coming home guys, in new promo.

(just my gut feeling).


Nope coming in August.

Is this legit? Where did you see this?

Gut feeling :sunglasses:

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What kinda promo you think is coming today

Clickbait AF


6’6 card with no hof d-stopper?

Thank you, but no.

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I want PD Melo but PD Vince is good also.


Vince Carter’s player model feels really small this year. I wouldn’t use him.

@Knezius has been giving us false hope the last 24 hours with pointless threads I think he deserves a silence. These threads kinda have to stop

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Lmfo so i cant share an opinion on forum? Ok.

It’s different you click baiting the shit out of us


Just put a ? in title so people know it’s just speculation

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I am 90% sure that if we do get a Vince Carter, it’s going to be an underwhelming diamond and will be part of a promo.

Right without it I’m think oh so the database got updated but nope baited me with the view

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I did now, enjoy. people are so over their feelings over such a little nothings these days its sorta sad if it wasint funny, soz mate.

I’m not mad about it, it doesn’t bother me that much. Just a simple thing to do to avoid confusion.

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At least it wasn’t



Is it promo time again? I guess it’s been awhile, I’m thinking a point guard, we got bigs yesterday and wing guys last week, probably a baron davis or jerry west

Very true